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Handling service

   Professional packing and transportation service help customer reduce time and unnecessary cost.

   We also provide international moving and relocation service. For detailed information please feel free to contact us.

 You You Space professional moving team is working hard for your convenience:

1.Well-prepared for moving is essential. We can disassemble large furniture before packing. It reduces the risky of damaging them.
2.We have all moving materials and equipment to get things done smoothly and quickly. Packing, Loading, and unloading job requires right tools for it.
3.The You You Space full moving service package is including packing, loading, moving, unloading, and put everything into storage properly. We take great care of your valuables.



You You Space Transportation Service

Our moving service covers all purpose users, from personal home moving to office relocation. In Shanghai Metropolitan area: (full service by our professional moving team and highway pick up middle and large size truck.)



Various packing material can be ordered by customers. Very handy and easy to use.
Call 400-680-1716 . We can even delivery to customer’s home and office.