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Joseph from Italy

        “The facility is convenient to major highways and downtown Shanghai. I have found it to be clean, protected, and well maintained. The staff at You You Space is friendly and helpful. This has been my experience as I have used the facilities at various times in the past three years.”

Megan from HK.

       I searched long and hard to find the right storage place for my products. No other facility came close to what You You Space offers. It is not only clean and climate controlled but governed by an incredible group of professionals who are extremely pleasant and accommodating.

Jennifer from France

       I’ve stored business and household items for three years now and it’s always a pleasure to use this facility. The building is immaculate and convenient to use with wide hallways, comfortable temperatures and responsive elevators.

Kobayashi from Japan

       You You Space is a modern, secure, and convenient facility that is managed by top personnel who go out of their way to be helpful. I have been a client for three years and have been greatly impressed by the character and management provided by the associates.

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